One Button Travel

In One Button Travel, the first thing players are presented with is a single button on the screen, which you'll just press without thinking too much of it. However, the story will begin to unfold after you press that button, as a stranger will contact you and inform you that what you just pushed was a button that takes you into the future, but there is no way to get back since it's a one-way trip. While this sounds like fun at first, you'll discover that people in the future don't look to kindly on tourists from the past, and this is bad news for you. The story is revealed through a long series of text messages with this person who is trying to help you out (they are stuck in the future), and after each thread of messages, players will have a few choices of responses to what they just read. Depending on what you pick, new information will be divulged to you to help you get out of the situation, which is solely dependent on finding your trip cancellation code that is buried somewhere in your email that you don't have access to.

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