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Tiny Rogue
Controls in Tiny Rogue are as simple as they come. Since it is a turn-based game, your character must navigate the dungeon grids one square at a time. To move, just swipe in the direction you want to go. If there are empty slots in your ... More
Like other arcade games, Mindfork is level-based, so you have to survive the current stage before moving on to the next one. Fortunately, even though there is a seamless transition from level-to-level in the game, you can continue from where you ... More
In Downwell, players are given the choice to use five different styles, though only the Standard style is available from the get-go- the rest have to be unlocked as you make progress in the game. Once you pick the style, the game starts. Downwell ... More
Almost Impossible
The design of Almost Impossible is beautiful, and definitely one of the better looking games of the genre out there. The game has a unique visual style with the retro future graphics, so it is like a modernized 8-bit look. While your character is ... More
One Button Travel
In One Button Travel, the first thing players are presented with is a single button on the screen, which you'll just press without thinking too much of it. However, the story will begin to unfold after you press that button, as a stranger will ... More
Maestria is a puzzle game that is split up into eight different worlds that each have their own set of puzzles to solve (160 levels total). The objective in the game is to ring the colored bells in the correct order on each stage before you can ... More

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